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Wednesday, May 2

Awesome Color and Hazerai

Awesome Color
  • Awesome Color

Chapel Hill
NIGHTLIGHT—If you've got an idea of what Thurston Moore is thinking with Ecstatic Peace! since signing a major distribution deal for his long-running basement label last year, you're doing better than most. Ecstatic Peace! has continued to release excellent avant records, but its crop of new rock bands—from Nashville's fun-to-watch Be Your Own Pet to the Nirvana-aping Pagoda—are aggressive only in their mediocrity. EP's Awesome Color—who use neon crayons to scribble in pages of tablature books featuring The Stooges, The Seeds, The Stones, The Sonics and The VU—will follow suit here. They will possibly be blown off the stage by Chapel Hill's Hazerai, whose Castles EP, recorded by new Monsonia member Nick Petersen last year, is brutally heavy and perfectly tight, a miscreant vocal snarl smeared down the sides of harsh guitar angles and a taut, thudding rhythm section that sounds like Weston/Trainer beating small children with low-end. Monsonia opens. Rock at 10 p.m. for $6. —Grayson Currin

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