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Wednesday, July 5


Chapel Hill


Chelsea--Following in the footsteps of such works as March of the Penguins, The Grizzly Man and The Fast Runner, Mountain Patrol: Kekexili is this year's entry into filmmaking at the farthest limits of Earth's hospitality. The patrol of the title is a squad of Tibetan irregulars who are engaged in dangerous combat against the poaching of native antelope. Rapturously photographed in the National Geographic style, the film nonetheless never forgets that the real tragedies are the humans dying in the struggle over scarce resources. --David Fellerath



Little River Family Resource Center--You can always purchase music lessons for your summertime blues children, but the Family Resource Center ups that dog-days tradition with child-geared tutorials on building musical instruments. Maybe your kid will come home with a flattop guitar with troublesome tuning pegs or a low-splash tambourine, or maybe she'll come home with something from the kooky kitchens of Eugene Chadbourne or Scotty Irving. The suggested donation is $3-$5.

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