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Wednesday, July 19


Chapel Hill


LOCAL 506--Every bit of ink spilt over the lovely Heather McIntosh or her mossy castle-folk seems to focus on the brilliant musicians she's tapped to help realize her songs. Of course, the obsession has a lot to do with the high profile pals she's assembled under The Instruments umbrella--a who's who of Athens' aging Elephant 6 scene, featuring Will Hart of Olivia Tremor Control, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power's Laura Carter and countless others. But McIntosh's voice, the centerpiece of the whole damn thing, never gets the attention it deserves. Much like opener Bibis Ellison, whose rich, semi-quaver calls to mind a young Linda Perhacs or Fairport Convention's Sandy Denny, McIntosh is showy without doing much at all. Just a set of arresting pipes, and some gifted buddies. --Robbie Mackey

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