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Wednesday, January 2


Flip It, Fold It, Figure It Out!
Museum of Life and Science—For many adults, the term "recreational mathematics" is an oxymoron. Parents who groan at the prospect of hauling out a calculator and filling out their taxes may not realize that the kids messing around on the rug with blocks and folding paper are also using math. Returning to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham for a limited engagement, the hands-on exhibit Flip It, Fold It, Figure it Out! encourages kids to "play with math." They'll fold simple origami models, learn which shapes can "tile the plane" and compare how much different containers can hold. They may think they're playing, but actually they're painlessly absorbing important concepts of arithmetic, measurement and geometry. It's the learning equivalent of putting spinach in their brownies. Through Jan. 7, at 433 Murray Ave. —Marc Maximov

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