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Wednesday, April 4

The Color of Olives
  • The Color of Olives

N.C. STATE CAMPUS—One wouldn't necessarily know it from the (lack of) news, but millions of ordinary Palestinians live in miserable conditions that are the result of U.S. and Israeli policies. The Color of Olives, a documentary from Mexican director Carolina Rivas, is a portrait of a single West Bank family that lives near the border wall recently erected by the Israeli government. This film is the second in the Middle East Film Festival, a four-week series taking place at 232A Withers Hall. The screening is free and the film begins at 7 p.m. For more info, visit —David Fellerath

GALAXY CINEMAHere's looking at you, kid?! That line, delivered with nonsensical gravity by Humphrey Bogart as he bids farewell to Ingrid Bergman at the close of Casablanca (1942), undergoes an alchemical process known as "the magic of the movies." The Galaxy Cinema is presenting it as part of their spring classics series. Last week was North by Northwest, and upcoming titles will include The Postman Always Rings Twice and the Civil War whitewash Gone With the Wind. Check listings on page 53. —David Fellerath

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