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Wednesday, April 4

  • Sebadoh

CAT'S CRADLE—Understatement: "We were a strange band." That's what Lou Barlow writes by way of closure in the liner notes for last year's double-disc reissue of Sebadoh III, the seminal Sebadoh record, or at least the wellspring. That's where Sebadoh became the trio of Barlow, Jason Lowenstein and Eric Gaffney and plunged into the depths of lo-fi possibility. They smeared tapes with barreling rock (see "God Told Me," which sounds a bit like Barlow's other recently reunited band, Dinosaur Jr.) or with the beautifully corroded tape collages that made Sebadoh special in the first place. On the weird band tip, they reunited for this—their first trio tour in a decade—after Gaffney and Barlow learned they got along through e-mail. Gimme indie rock, eh? The Bent Moustache opens. —Grayson Currin

DUKE UNIVERSITY—Are people really more concerned with what politicians do in their bedrooms than what they do in their boardrooms? The movie The Contender would say so. Starring Joan Allen, Gary Oldman and Jeff Bridges, The Contender examines insider politics and the public's fascination with political leaders' sex lives. Tonight's screening is at 7 p.m. in the Griffith Film Theater on Duke's West Campus. After this screening filmgoers can enjoy refreshments and discussion. For more info, visit —Iesha Brown

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