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Wednesday 9.24

  • Peelander-Z

Japanoodle Fever Tour with Peelander-Z
Local 506—Animated goof-punks Peelander-Z bring the antics of a Japanese game show to rock 'n' roll through outrageous live shows. When not throwing each other toward sets of bowling pins, (fake) wrestling each other or cavorting in the audience, the trio plays rambunctious three-chord garage-punk that makes up for what it lacks in sophistication with unbridled enthusiasm. But the music—like the largely undecipherable lyrics, despite being in English—is secondary to theatrical aspects bent upon spectacle. After decades of kids staring at their Chuck Taylors, who's not down for childlike glee? They're joined by several bands from Tokyo, including Tu Shi Mi Ma Re, Bakubeni and Quaff. Pay $8-$10 at 9 p.m. —Chris Parker

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