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Wednesday 9.10


Benevento-Russo Duo
The Pour House—Along with its show times and ticket prices, The Pour House generally lists a "Recommended if you like..." plug for each band taking its stage. For Benevento-Russo Duo, childhood friends who began playing as a drum-and-organ combo in a New York jazz club in 2002, The Pour House humbly suggests the outfit may be suitable for fans of Jimmy Smith, Soundtrack Sector Nine and Martin, Medeski & Wood. Don't sell Marco Benevento and Joe Russo short, though: As epic as the best moments from Explosions in the Sky or The Slip but with a different tonality and mood and perhaps more influenced by classic rock than dank jams, The duo's music conjures synesthetic images of airplanes taking off and landing, of satellites reentering the atmosphere, of people winning sports championships, of anything that looks truly fucking triumphant. Don't expect the staid propriety of Jimmy's jazz or the limp aimlessness of STS9, though their perfect playing (which speaks to Monk in the 21st century) does appeal to fans of both. Instead, the duo generally aims for and arrives at the stars. One day, they should be just that. Pay $10-$12 at 10 p.m. The Modern Skirts open.—Grayson Currin

Eilen Jewell
Slim's—Eilen Jewell's name is a fine fit. Her first name ("rhymes with 'feelin'," her bio instructs) is a bit exotic in a rustic way, enough off the beaten path to get your attention. Her songs veer as well, displaying more grit, swing and gumption than your standard Americana fare but not a lick of interest in traveling a well-paved route. They're little gems—tales of booze from the top shelf and heartache from down deep—fighting to shine through the dirt-road dust. Come witness them, and Jewell, light up a dark corner. The music starts at 8 p.m., which qualifies as late morning at Slim's. —Rick Cornell

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