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Wednesday 8.27

Jim Klein
  • Jim Klein

Taken for a Ride
Colony Theatre—Before Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me and Michael Moore's Sicko, filmmakers Jim Klein and Mary Olson revealed the American automotive industry's checkered past in Taken for a Ride, a documentary that tells the story of General Motors' outright destruction of America's most common mode of public transportation: the streetcar. The film, a mash-up of archival footage, GM film propaganda and interviews with former rail-car system employees, is like a runaway transportation nightmare as GM guts America's urban mass transit system only to replace it with the gas engine.

This screening is the first installment in a quarterly film and discussion series sponsored by the Capital Group Sierra Club to encourage Triangle citizens to support, or at least contemplate, movement toward a regionwide transit system. Ellen Kinsinger, chair of the Capital Group Sierra Club, says, "We chose this film for a specific reason. We wanted to show where mass transit stood at one point in history and how far we've digressed from that point. It's a great introductory film that will get people talking about our transportation crisis, and it's something that needs to be discussed." The film rolls at 7 p.m. for free, followed by a group discussion about supporting and funding a regional transit system in the Triangle. —Kathy Justice

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