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Wednesday 8.27


Chapel Hill
Secondhand Freespace
Local 506—Tonight marks the first installment of a new series of music forums committed to connecting and educating the local music community about issues affecting their industry. The series, Secondhand Freespace, is an idea that has long been brewing in the minds of several local musicians and club owners. Modeled after large music forums like those at CMJ and SXSW, tonight's panel will explore booking the Triangle and beyond. "The goal of this first panel is to include many of the Chapel Hill clubs that most local bands currently play and hopefully help distinguish the role of each club, or maybe how each club perceives its own role in the music community," says Local 506 owner Glenn Boothe, who is organizing the series with local musicians Eleni Binge and Mimi McLaughlin. "We wanted to create an opportunity for people to meet and talk about music, without having to talk over amplifiers." The free panel is open to anyone interested in the local music community, though Boothe, who will participate along with booking agents from Nightlight, Jack Sprat and The Cave, ultimately hopes the event will attract a mix of established bands and upcoming acts. Boothe says, "Every act has something to learn, whether it be from the panelists or from other musicians." The event starts at 7:30 p.m. Independent Music Editor Grayson Currin will moderate. —Kathy Justice

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