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Wednesday 8.26

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"Mad Money"

Traction office—Among the many useful and important activities of the Durham-based nonprofit political and social group Traction is a series of free workshops. "Mad Money: Upgrade Your Financial Know-How" is an opportunity to learn basic life skills that, strangely enough, aren't regularly taught in school: balancing a budget, investing for retirement, understanding the perniciousness of credit card debt, planning for a home purchase. Traction spokesperson Cara Wittekind also says that organizers are interested, too, in "the bigger picture: Financially stable young people make better donors to progressive candidates and causes, and will (we hope) grow into lifelong supporters of the causes and communities they care about." The free workshop begins at 6:30 p.m. at Traction headquarters, located at 1018 Broad St. E-mail —David Fellerath


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