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Wednesday 8.26

Weiss Family
  • Weiss Family

Weiss Family, Damien Jurado

Cat's Cradle—The spiritual Pennsylvania quartet mewithoutYou takes on a new form for this two-week stint as the Weiss Family. The two principal members—frontman Aaron Weiss and guitarist brother Mike—will join with friends and family to re-interpret an already imaginative catalog. Aaron's writing examines Judeo-Christian themes—the siblings are of Jewish descent and profess Christianity—but his lyrics reference the works of Sufi theologians Jalal al-Din Rumi and Bawa Muhaiyaddeen as often as the Bible, thanks to growing up with Sufism-practicing parents. Don't expect the Weisses to ditch the heavily distorted guitars, though. They've shunned the "unplugged" label for this tour. Damien Jurado uses his sincere voice to reveal intimate stories, which unfold in subdued strums and picks. Psalters opens with Middle Eastern-flavored gypsy folk rock at 8 p.m. Interesting bill for $13-$15. Visit —Spencer Griffith

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