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Wednesday 8.12


Death Race 2000

Colony Theatre—What makes the Triangle a cut above other places? Sure, there is fine cuisine, a growing artistic scene and a university environment that has helped contribute to a large and innovative array of talents. But the extra edge, the je ne sais quoi that elevates the Triangle to a true place of excellence, is that when there's a film series in the area, people don't screw around.

Case in point: Cinema Overdrive, the new monthly film series emphasizing the finest in grindhouse, exploitation and outright ridiculous filmmaking. Created by Retrofantasma's Matt Pennachi and Adam Hulin, Cinema Overdrive offers the finest in over-the-top storytelling, combined with ultra-rare trailers and special features, for a mere $5. What better way to sublimate your frustration over the crumbling economy than by taking in an evening of entertainment that's both affordable and capable of satiating your repressed bloodlust?

The whole shebang kicks off with 1975's classic Death Race 2000, the haunting tale of a cross-country road rally where participants are actively encouraged to take out as many civilians as possible. David Carradine stars as the bondage-masked champion, Frankenstein, and young Sylvester Stallone portrays "Machine Gun" Joe Viterbo. Roger Corman produced the flick, which was directed by cult filmmaker and character actor Paul Bartel (Eating Raoul). Ignore last year's lame reality-TV-themed remake with Jason Statham and embrace the original. The screening starts at 8 p.m., with classic radio spots on the PA before the show, along with door prizes, the aforementioned trailers, and "any other fun schlock" the creators can think of. Future screenings include Shogun Assassin in September and three screenings in October, including the original The Evil Dead and The Monster Squad with an appearance by star Andre Gower. Oh, what a glorious time this is to love old films in the Triangle. For more information, call 856-0111 or visit —Zack Smith

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