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Wednesday 7.23


Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy, Progress Energy Center—Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy takes on an emotionally and politically-complex work with David Hare's Skylight. The three-person play concerns the reunion of Tom (Bruce Somerville) and Kyra (Beth Hylton), two former lovers who separated a few years ago under cloudy circumstances. Tom is a wealthy restaurateur and recent widower; Kyra is an idealistic schoolteacher in an impoverished neighborhood who was involved with Tom while his wife was still alive. As they talk, we learn of their lives and the complexity of their affair—and through their verbal attacks on one another, the flaws in the way each one sees the world. The story touches on issues of class and politics in England through the story of two people reliving a moment in time that might never be recaptured.

Tickets are $17.50-$27.50 and can be purchased at the PEC Box Office, through Ticketmaster or the Kennedy box office. Group discounts are $20 and may be ordered over the phone at 828-3726. —Zack Smith

Chapel Hill
The Cave/ Mansion 462—High on the heels of Girls Rock Camp N.C. and its eight-band debut last weekend at Cat's Cradle, West Franklin Street neighbors The Cave and Mansion 462 continue the celebration of women in music: Nashville's Tori Sparks (tonight, The Cave, 7:30 p.m.) has a thick voice with bright crimson edges, while Durham's LAM! LAM! (tonight, The Cave, 10 p.m.) sounds like Cyndi Lauper throwing an electro-clash. One of the best decisions of the weekend, though, comes Friday night: The garage embryonic of Jimmy & the Teasers goes undergound at The Cave at 10 p.m., while Mary Johnson Rockers—whose fairly voiced memories pull up a rocking chair on the front porch—offers an above-ground respite at Mansion 462. Proceeds benefit Girls Rock Camp N.C. and the Rape Crisis Center. Check the Music Calendar for complete listings. —Grayson Currin

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