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Wednesday 7.01


H. Art Chaos' The Rite of Spring

Reynolds Industries Theater, Duke Campus—Igor Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps, or The Rite of Spring, is the ballet that incited a riot, or at least loudly voiced dissent, upon its 1913 premiere by Les Ballets Russes in Paris. Ever since, artists have tried to recapture that kismet of creating something so revolutionary, so mind-blowing, that it threatens to destabilize society. Failing that, we can reinterpret the notorious ballet, in which Stravinsky employed clashing rhythms and dissonance in his depiction of a young girl dancing herself to death in a supposedly Russian pagan ritual. The Japanese dancers Sakiko Oshima and Naoko Shirakawa call themselves H. Art Chaos, and their stated mission is to "revolt against the comfort of status quo in search of an artistic heaven out of chaos." So, they're naturally drawn to Stravinsky's masterpiece, which they first staged in 1995. Also tonight, H. Art Chaos will reveal a new work commissioned by ADF. Curtain is at 8 p.m. Monday's performance was sold out at press time, so hurry to get tickets for Tuesday or today at 8 p.m. Visit —David Fellerath

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