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Wednesday 6.03

Thad Cockrell
  • Thad Cockrell

Thad Cockrell

Duke Gardens—My mom loves Thad Cockrell. Or, more specifically, she loves the music of Thad Cockrell; she's actually never met the remarkably clear-toned country/ gospel singer and songwriter. This puts Cockrell in extremely good company: At last check, he was No. 2 on her list between Alan Jackson and all-time favorite John Prine. (For the record, she's also never met either of them.) Cockrell's oft-quoted motto/ mission statement is "Putting the hurt back in country," and with a voice that catches at all the right heartbreaking moments, it's mission accomplished. Spend time with "She Ain't You" from 2003's Chris Stamey-produced Warmth & Beauty, on which deep ache peers out bloodshot-eyed from behind every note, for a taste of the hurt. Then find your way to a take on the soul number "Warm & Tender Love" from Begonias, Cockrell's collaboration with Caitlin Cary, for some welcome soothing. Cockrell, who found his way back to the Triangle after several years in Nashville, appears as part of Duke University's impressive Music in the Gardens series, which alternates between chamber music and indie rock and roots. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 for the general public and $5 for Duke employees. Duke students and children under 12 are free. It's lovely entertainment for moms and sons alike. —Rick Cornell

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