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Wednesday 5.27

  • Colossus

Colossus, Caltrop, Black Skies

The Pour House—Think of Colossus' twin guitars as expertly sharpened battle-axes galloping ahead by horseback, a cavalier frontline capable of cutting through the marrow of any crowd. The band's unrelenting rhythm section is the infantry at its back, then, while Sean Buchannan—the weaponless frontman possessing a voice slipping into theatric highs—is the storyteller above, narrating his army's conquests upon the field below. Mythology-obsessed metal abetted by brazen technical mettle, Colossus takes the spirit of Iron Maiden to the battlefield and mostly wins. The band introduces its proud new battle scar, the EP Drunk on Blood, tonight. Navigating the lesser-known inroads between Sleep and Duane Allman, Carrboro's luminous Caltrop rolls relentlessly behind crackling riffs. Whereas Caltrop brightens the corners of its stoner metal, Black Skies blends it all with gray ink, adding murk to the power trio swill that comes just short of sludge. Pay $7 at 10 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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