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Wednesday 4.23


Great World of Sound
Griffith Theater, Duke Campus—As one of its final spring screenings, Duke's Screen/ Society presents Triangle audiences with a second chance to catch first-time director and North Carolina School of the Arts graduate Craig Zobel's critically ballyhooed yet little-seen gem. Filmed in and around Charlotte, Zobel presents the story of two "salesmen" (Pat Healy and Kene Holliday, terrific) who take a job with the titular fly-by-night record company believing they are discovering new talent and helping them realize their dreams. They are really tools in an elaborate (and common) scam to fleece the people out of their money.The musical auditions featured in the film were arranged by placing actual ads in area newspapers for tryouts, just like the fictional company. As a consequence, real people perform most of the auditions unaware it is actually a movie shoot with hidden cameras recording the interaction between them and the lead actors. The result is a moving indie that Zobel imbues with the authenticity of Cassavetes and the breeziness of Altman. The movie starts at 7 p.m. and is free. —Neil Morris


Chapel Hill
Witness To An Execution
Playmakers Rep—Playmaker's Witness To An Execution attempts to expose the Texas prison system, the annual leader in executions in the United States. Written and performed by Triangle resident Mike Wiley (who impressed audiences of yesteryear with his one-man shows, including 2006's Dar He), the new play is inspired by interviews with those in the prisons who see the executions. Wiley and death penalty scholars and activists will have a discussion after each performance. Visit or call 962-7529 for more information. —Megan Stein

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