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Wednesday 4.15

Legally Blonde
  • Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde The Musical
Durham Performing Arts Center—Omigod you guys, Legally Blonde The Musical is coming to town. The national tour follows in the pink platforms of the 2001 movie with Reese Witherspoon and of the Broadway show, which earned seven Tony Award nominations and ranked in the top 10 most requested TicketMaster "Arts & Theater" events for 2007.

Although the over-the-top ode to sorority girls can come off as one Delta Nu mixer removed from the real world, ensemble cast member Lauren Zakrin knows it's firmly ground in reality—reality television, that is. Fans of last summer's MTV competition Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods will remember the 19-year-old, who came in fourth place on the search to replace original Broadway lead Laura Bell Bundy.

Zakrin, still adjusting to living out of a suitcase and her cast-given nickname of "Junior," was a freshman in college when she made a snowy drive to Chicago to try out and went from drama club to reality show drama in a few weeks flat.

"I graduated high school, moved to college, competed on the show, was offered the part, moved to New York City and went on tour in a span of about six months," she says in one breath. "I was with girls with Broadway credits and 10 years of experience who had graduated from amazing programs. It was the scariest thing of my life, and I was doing it absolutely alone."

Another cast member, D.B. Bonds, who plays Elle's love interest, has danced his way through the Triangle before while part of the Les Misérables, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Phantom of the Opera tours, but this time he'll get to visit his aunt and uncle, both Raleigh residents, and drop by his niece's high school drama club to speak. And although the show is perhaps more geared for ladies who can distinguish salmon pink from carnation pink, Bonds has proof men love the show too: "Guys have come up to me and said, 'You know, my wife drug me to this but I really enjoyed it.'"

The show runs through Sunday, April 19. Check out or call 680-2787 for tickets and more info. —Karlie Justus

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