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Wednesday 4.15

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Colony Theatre—As most English majors and historians know, medieval history can be as dry as a day-old biscuit. But in 1975, John Cleese and his comic henchman in Monty Python turned musty tales of Arthurian life into a raunchy send-up. Today the cult classic reads like a hybrid of MAD magazine and a Penthouse letter, with comic fodder ranging from a satirical look at King Arthur's court, a brothel of nubile women ready to de-virginize Sir Galahad the Pure, a series of clicking coconuts, a three-headed forest guard and lots of Spam. Tonight's screening of the midnight movie may fall into the Cool Classics film series, but true fans know that the word "cool" was rarely used to describe this geek treat from the vaults. Catch it tonight at 8 p.m. for a five-spot. —Kathy Justice

Correction (April 8, 2009): As the comment below indicates, this is at the Colony Theatre, not the Rialto as we said in print.


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