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Wednesday 1.30

  • Jucifer

Jucifer & Caltrop
Volume 11 Tavern—Carrboro's Caltrop is sitting on a finished eight-track full-length that demands notice: The band's debut EP, recorded in 2005, sported crust like a fashion, smoke billowing through gigantic riffs and Jason Aylward's big-bottom beats. Sleep and Slint epithets applied. But Valient Thorr is Aylward's full-time gig these days, and John Crouch is behind the kit. Under Crouch's sticks, this LP—colossal, fearless and (dare I say!) inventive—takes the earlier essentials and makes them only accessories, allowing the quartet to soak its blues in amps cranked loud to scream leads that cut like lasers. The vocals—a raze-expectations middle road between Ozzy and Chris Cornell—find a clear space above the bulwark of beats and bends beneath. Fantastic. They'll open for Jucifer, a nomadic amps-and-anvils married duo that has whispered and wailed for nearly 20 years. Transient opens. Pay $7 at 8 p.m. —Grayson Currin


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