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Wednesday 12.30

  • Photo courtesy of LoDi Project
  • "3 the Hard Way"

3 the Hard Way

LoDi Project—Three popular artists with similar styles hit on an idea for collaborating, multiplying their exposure and, hopefully, staking out new artistic territory. In 3 the Hard Way, Philadelphia native Sean Kernick, Raleigh's Paul Friedrich and globetrotting-but-otherwise-primarily-Puerto Rican Georges Le Chevallier show off the fruits of months of experimentation: Each artist began a half-dozen or so art works, passed them to another to continue them, and then transfered them to the third artist, who finished the pieces. The results—14 new canvases and 15 drawings—went up earlier this month at the LoDi Project, an art gallery founded earlier this fall by Le Chevallier and his wife, Carrie. Along the way, the filmmaking team of Robert and Lisa King have been documenting the process: You can find the trailer on YouTube by searching for "3 the Hard Way." The show is up through tomorrow, and you can see it today from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The gallery is located at 1126 N. Blount St. Visit —David Fellerath

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