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Wednesday 11.19


Chapel Hill
Hoots & Hellmouth
Local 506—The jolly charm of Hoots & Hellmouth sits happily between the eclectic, free-wheelin' kinetics of former tourmates O'Death and the ambling, pop-blossom roots of Philadelphia brethren Dr. Dog. A two guitar and mandolin trio augmented by a membership policy that's open to several revolving bass players and collaborators, the band's communal as it is convivial, singing and stomping songs about goodness and togetherness. Swift ascension for the band—fun enough to meet Avett tastes, solid enough to move indie rockers—seems likely: Despite being the second release by a Drexel University-funded label last year, the trio's self-titled debut has already broken the 3,000-sold mark. With Carrboro's Aminal Music at 9:15 p.m. for $8. —Grayson Currin

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