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Wednesday 10.14

  • Pieces


Colony Theater—Set your Wednesdays to "Scare" for not one but two rarely seen cult classics of the 1980s on the big screen at the Colony Theatre. First up—Cinema Overdrive brings you 1982's Pieces, billed as, "It's exactly what you think it is!" and "You don't have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre!" A favorite of Hostel director Eli Roth, it's the tale of a chainsaw killer loose in Boston ... and it's so gory that the uncensored version was released in the U.S. on DVD only late last year. Be forewarned—attending this film might make downing the deep-fried consumables of the state fair a mite difficult afterward. It has that effect on people.

The following Wednesday, Oct. 21, it's the one, the original, The Evil Dead, presented by Cool Classics at the Colony. Many people know Evil Dead 2, with its chainsaw gauntlet, "boomstick" and "groovy." But before that, there was Sam Raimi's first feature collaboration with Bruce Campbell, a straight-up horror flick with elaborate tracking shots, graphic mutilation and the most evil trees you will encounter in all of cinema. This ain't no funny business, but it remains a damn effective piece of cinematic terror and a favorite of Stephen King. The film's entire plot was summarized in a quick seven-minute sequence that led into Evil Dead II, which took the plot in a more slapstick direction. But as this year's Drag Me to Hell proved again, Raimi knows how to scare the bodily fluids out of you.

Both of these fine pieces of cinematic dismemberment are but a mere $5 ticket price, and both start at 8 p.m. Life is good. —Zack Smith

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