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We won

Reasons to see--and fight--through the shadow in the way


Yes, Bush and Burr were elected, and yes, it may seem like there's plenty of reason to be [pick one or all: angry, depressed, disillusioned] about the [state, nation, world, future]. But none of this is new. Our columnists have warned us before. Osama bin Laden wants a holy war--and we're giving it to him (Godfrey Cheshire). Some North Carolina Democrats will go to almost any length to keep from being Democrats (Bob Geary). The president's policies are all about tax cuts for the rich and a jihad for oil and power (Derek Jennings). It's enough to inspire Melinda Ruley, who rarely touches on politics, to turn to poetry to express her feelings

But there are reasons to be hopeful. Kirk Ross shows us the value of patience. Fiona Morgan finds there was a massive voter turnout in African American precincts. And Jennifer Strom explains hopeful results for those who want to bring Chatham County's growth spiral under control.

In fact, it was a powerful victory for John Kerry in the Triangle. Voter turnout in Wake, Durham and Orange counties was around 30 percent higher than four years ago. Kerry did much better than Al Gore in every one. And he did particularly well in early voting.

That means the organizing that brought the region's progressives together over the past year to support their candidates, register voters, educate about issues and get out the vote, worked. We won, at least at home. Now, we just have to get past the larger loss and keep that momentum going on issues like the environment, gay rights and health care. As the election results showed us, there's still plenty of work to do.
--Richard Hart

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