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We resolve ...

Some of our favorite Triangle musicians tell us about 2007


New Year's resolutions can be pretty regrettable decisions. Maybe jogging makes you sweaty. Or not drinking so much makes you start driving too much. Maybe "be more cultured" turns into obsessing over the "Trapped in the Closet" series. Anyway, we asked a few dozen Triangle musicians about their plans for 2007. And the results? Well, they're pretty interesting.

David Childers (right) & The Modern Don Juans
  • David Childers (right) & The Modern Don Juans

"To franchise Chad throughout the southeast in partnership with Waffle House." —Whitney Skillcorn (on Robo Sapien bandmate Chad Byrne)

"I have tried in past years to improve myself by weightlifting, reading À la recherche du temps perdu (and by "reading," I mean "buying a copy of"), attempting to teach myself Russian by listening to secondhand cassette tapes on my commute, giving up carbonated beverages and trying to care about others. The result was a terrible cough caused by acid reflux. Now, I can't stop eating cough drops, yet the menthol makes me jumpy and nervous. Clearly, there needs to be some deeper change in my person, one that cannot be remedied by DOING or NOT DOING, only by BEING or NOT BEING. I am also going to stay away from children." —David Nahm (Audubon Park)

"To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women!" —Scott Williams (Double Negative)

"Get my band the good gigs they deserve and sell some songs. Any interested buyers?! Are ya' hearin' me, George Jones? Lose my pot belly so that I can find my sex pot. Be more like a rat pack than a pack rat. Spend more time with my dogs and make them not smell like cheese. Erase all negativity in my brain & replace with fluffy, creamy filling that smells like cinnamon buns when I start to go to the dark side." —Taz Halloween

"Relax a bit more perhaps. Discover new music. That shouldn't be too hard. Get rid of some of these piles of CDs behind me, as in, CLEANING. And, of course, jogging. But probably not. That's just for cliché's sake." —Chaz Martinstein (Chaz's Bull City Records)

"Eat sesame beef at Five Star every once in a while. Throw pinecones for a cat to chase. Sing, sing songs and play music. Build fires. Go on a cool trip. Learn new stuff about engines. Take out contacts before bed." —Christy Smith (Nola)

"My New Year's rez is to be all up in EUUURRRIEWUNZ grill piece on some hip-hop shit, nigga! Print all'lat." —L in Japanese

"A year of action and satisfaction: Reinvent the wheel, kiss a stranger, hug a bear, ride the lightning, buy an island, count the stars, bake a cake, eat said cake, tour Japan, streamline Mondays, learn to surf, create rum and coke energy drink, locate bees' knees and emulate." —George Hage (Forward All, Jack the Radio, Yearling)

"I vow to catch up on those old Spectator issues I neglected to read. —Cy Rawls

I, Crowmeat Bob, do hereby resolve to buy a bunch of records in the coming year. And smoke more pot. And write a series of doom metal epics. And maybe learn some Roy Smeck numbers." —Crowmeat Bob (Kolyma, Dexter Romweber & the New Romans, Health and Death Jazz nights)

"I resolve to cuss less, make a new CD, be nicer to Lightnin' Wells, and play more gigs at The Cave." —Joe Bell

Sara Morris with David Karsten Daniels
  • Sara Morris with David Karsten Daniels

"Write a gangsta rap song. Learn how to make chicken soup (not the kind for the soul). Date and break up with FIVE people in one year (or the same one person FIVE times)." —Sara Morris (David Karsten Daniels, The Physics of Meaning, The Humboldt Current)

"I resolve to do whatever it takes to finally 'make it' in the scene ... even if that means acquiring a new, more smartly colored wardrobe." —Jim Wilbur (Superchunk, Portastatic)

"I'm going to try to be more appreciative of everything and everybody, to quit worrying about stupid shit, most of it connected with playing music and whether or not it is accepted by this group, that group, etc. I'm going to try to go out on the road less and stay home with Sweet Linda more and fix up the place where we live and where we will surely one day die and stick around as happy ghosts. I'm going to try to forgive and understand more. Those grudges get burdensome. I'm going to try to stop a few times every day, take a deep breath, and look around at all the goodness I have been blessed with. There sure is a load of it. I'm going to try to make this year as good or better than last year, which might have been the best." —David Childers (David Childers and the Modern Don Juans)

"Our New Year's resolution is to stay sane this year, for we are expecting twin boys any day now: James Watson and Wade Watson. Our daughter Mayson just turned 2, and she is awake now, beating on her bedroom door as I type. Happy New Year everyone! Time to go to Granny's!" —Rob Watson, with wife Joanna

"To finally out-beard Scott and Seth Avett." —Bob Crawford (The Avett Brothers)

"Not to drink any more liquor, not to write any more songs, and most of all not to drive on recapped tires." —Scott Avett (The Avett Brothers)

Shirlette Ammons
  • Shirlette Ammons

"My New Year's resolution is to make as much love as possible: through music, composition, travel, through struggle for a more just and inclusive world, and, of course, the ole fashion way." —shirlette ammons (Mosadi Music)

"I just quit smoking, so now I need to stop chewing two packs of gum a day. Buy a used bike. Ride the bike. Get my chickens to lay eggs." —Skillet Gilmore (Patty Hurst Shifter)

"Well, my first resolution, since I quit along with Skillet, is not to smoke. I'm OK with the gum for another year if need be, though. While that enormous resolution should be enough for one year, here are a few more: to walk my dog more, to write more songs, to practice more and to eat more vegetables. I guess it's the year of more, huh?" —Caitlin Cary (Tres Chicas)

"Put down our banjos, buy man pedals and start a metal band called Chili Con Carnage, along with hip-hop side projects about nutrition. For the kids." —Catherine Edgerton (Midtown Dickens)

"I will stop accusing friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers of masterminding the 9/11 attacks. (To my friend Drew: The lawyers said your case is looking strong. In the meantime, try and enjoy the weather in Cuba.) Also, I will stop izzle-ing every word I say. For rizzle." —Charles Latham

"My New Year's resolution will hopefully be 24-bit, 192 kHz!! But, seriously, after four years of living practically across the street, I resolve to get out of the damn studio and finally go for a good, day-long hike in Umstead Park! —Dan Bryk

I resolve to teach my roommates and bandmates the importance of raking leaves with regards to the greater scope of their lives and within the world." —Daniel Michalak (Bombadil)

"To quit beating my head against the wall by running out on these tours that don't generate any money." —Mel Melton

"Last year's resolution was to stop telling lies regarding my age. This year, more lies! I earned it." —Todd Colberg (The Gondoliers, The Spinns)

"To write a song that prominently features a line like, 'The thing that gets me is he writes scores like Penderecki but turns more tricks than Gretzky.'" —Perry Wright (The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers)

"1. Find a used copy of the Queen boxed set. 2. Listen to Queen a lot. 3. Buy a piano. 4. Learn to play piano. 5. Quit looking for piano players. (I guess those three could be one big one.) 6. Run a 10k race (more like jog, really). 7. Quit coming up with concept album ideas. 8. Quit changing the concept. 9. Have my New Year's resolutions for 2008 ready by November 2007. 10. Come up with number 10...." —Kenny Roby

"I resolve to not be such a whiny pansy this year. I aspire to even more closely approach the lofty majesty of my hero, Bruce Dickinson. I resolve to release the third, as-yet-untitled Goner LP on either Matador or Sub Pop or some other dad-rock label by mid-year. All help in this area is greatly appreciated. I resolve to start and possibly finish my first book regarding rock music. It's to be called I Hate The Velvet Underground, and it will mainly deal with a discussion around how 'smart,' 'detached' and 'ironic' have made rock music abhorrently self-conscious and therefore completely impotent. David Lee Roth is fun and fun is much wiser than smart. I resolve to have Goner open for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists once and for all. In the words of Klaus Meine, I plan to 'Kick your ass to heaven with rock 'n' roll tonight.' Only tonight is gonna last 365 days.... Hail, hail rock 'n' roll!" —Chris Dalton (Goner)

"Hit up the three remaining flat surfaces in the Triangle that do not have Airiel Down stickers." —Taylor Traversari (Airiel Down)

"To stop playing that flatted fifth in the top register of the Gm9 chord in the third coda of 'In Real Time.'" —Jon Shain

"2007 will be the year in which I finally leave the 1970s behind, and do my best to stop trying to look/sound like Glen Campbell, Mel Tillis and David Ruffin did in that glorious era. Actually, scratch that. Let's just say I resolve to spend as much time as humanly possible with my wife and my soon-to-be-born child, and that I'll do my part to finish the new Two Dollar Pistols album. Oh, and I'll spend as much time as I can discussing soul reissues with Mr. Rick Cornell." —John Howie (Two Dollar Pistols)

"In 2007, I resolve to stay away from rum, lose 10 pounds, not obsess about my love life, and spend as much time as possible working on our band and takin' it easy." —Lindsey Ranck (The Sibling Project)

"New Year's resolutions are a younger man's fantasy." —Malcolm Holcombe

Where to party Dec. 31?

Tres Chicas, Patty Hurst Shifter, the Vibekillers, The Pour House

The Pour House will be the scene of not only a motherfolkin' rock triple-bill (or so says the name attached), but also a whole bunch of double-duty action. Dave Bartholomew is playing drums with Tres Chicas and bass in the Vibekillers, Jesse Huebner is playing with the Chicas and Patty Hurst Shifter, and half of PHS--Skillet Gilmore and Marc Smith--join Chip Robinson and Bartholomew in the Vibekillers. And as always, when Robinson returns to Raleigh, the urge to sing "The Boys are Back in Town" is present. If the boys (and girls) want to folkin' rock, you better let 'em. $15, $20/10 p.m.

Abbey Road, Cat's Cradle

I'm not sure how long they've been getting ready, but Abbey Road--the Triangle's premier Beatles tribute act--has set itself up for the gauntlet, tackling the late Beatles stuff that requires tenacity and some imagination. They'll go for the Fab Four first on Sunday, Dec. 30, turning around cuts from The White Album. But they better not play "I'm So Tired," as they'll cover their namesake in its entirety with one of their two sets on New Year's Eve. Be careful, guys: Those Side Two segues are tricky. Question of the (old) year: Which version of "Her Majesty?" $10 Saturday; $15 Sunday; $20 two-night pass/ 9:30 p.m.

Mighty Lester, Blue Bayou Club

If you feel the need to jump around to celebrate the year's end, Mighty Lester are the boys to get you on your feet. From the Memphis soul sounds of Sam and Dave to the jump blues of Wynonie Harris to the raunchy rhythms of Ike Turner, Lester's fat, horn-based sound will keep you wiggling long after the music has stopped. $15/ 9:30 p.m.

Spider Bags, Twilighter, The Cave

Why listen to drunken, tweaked-out country music on New Year's Eve? Maybe because underneath the boozy melancholia, there's a heart still rising up toward joy, and because Spider Bags know how to interpret those yearnings like resolutions. 10 p.m.

Jeremy Granger & Swiff, Mitty J, DJBishop, The Berkeley Café

More than a dozen spinners gather in two booths at The Berk to roll in the New Year. Members of the Gruv Glu and Illstreet crews will keep it pulsing. It's up to the crowd to keep it moving. $10/ 9 p.m.

Faust and Shortee, Raleigh Music Hall

Not the experimental German rock, but heavy drum 'n' bass and turntablism to compete with the party blocks away at The Berk. 10 p.m.

Barefoot Manner, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, Lincoln Theatre

Hold on to something sturdy. When Barefoot Manner and their upbeat, boundless music ("bluegrass instrumentation in a genre-free world" they like to say) meets Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band's self-described and funk-drenched Bounce music, seismic activity will ensue. Not to get too heavy with the scientific talk, but there'll be much quaking of buttage. And as if this show doesn't come with enough built-in fireworks and emotion, it'll be the last one for Barefoot Manner founding member David Kleiss. $20-$25/ 9 p.m.

The Wusses, Robo Sapien, DJs Mothersbrothers, Local 506

Friends, gather in the twilight ether of this colorful kaleidoscope, wherein you will witness the subtleties of A.M. radio hits; how party rappers can provide sustenance and even a positive message for 2007; how dancing to an alchemical mix of ascension and dénouement can literally set your ass free, at least until the next day.

N.C. Symphony, Meymandi Hall

Here's a full night of entertainment courtesy of our state's symphony. They'll start it with a pre-concert reception, work the middle with a Meymandi evening of waltzes and Cole Porter interpretations, and end it at the Sheraton Capital Center with Leon Jordan's Continentals. It'll cost you some of your holiday cash ($225 a ticket, $30 for seniors), but you don't really need that foot massage, anyway. 7:30 p.m.

First Night Raleigh, Downtown

They're calling this one "License to Thrill," which is a horrible name. Nevertheless, it's a chance to catch some pretty good music for a nominal price: The Willie Painter Band (blues-rock); William Weisser (organist); Strings on Air (cello and violin); Saludos Compay (Latin jams); Polecat Creek and Riley Baugus (country roots); N.C. Brass Ensemble; Lenny Marcus Trio (jazz); Jackie Tice (singer-songwriter); Hobex (soul); Ed Stephenson (flamenco); Crazies 4 Jesus, Sandy Hemenway, The Milagro Saints (praise concert); Firestation Nine (kid rock); The Curators (science jams); and Almost Recess (a cappella).

Also of note: Steve Hobbs Quartet, The Grape

Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos, Yancy's Jazz Club

Avett Brothers, Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte

Contributors to both sections: Grant Britt, Rick Cornell, Grayson Currin, Rich Ivey, Kathy Justice, Chris Toenes

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