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'We buffalo anything'

Photo and Poem by Derek Anderson



So you say that you can buffalo anything?

Like a pickle, a nickel or my wife's diamond ring?

Would you buffalo my cat or the neighbor's loud-ass dog?

Surely they're just as easy as a fat little hog.

Is it possible for you to go on and buffalo my dreams?

I'd like to lick them and dip them in a tub of sour cream.

What about this here old pair of shoes?

Then I'd bet on losing these old walkin' blues.

It must be nice to be able to buffalo whatever life brings.

I'd be happy flying through the clouds with a pair of buffalo wings.

—North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh, 2005

[Editor's note: This is the first in an occasional series of images and commentary by Indy photographers. Derek Anderson shot this photo with a plastic Holga camera. More of his work with the camera is on display at Through This Lens Gallery, 303 E. Chapel Hill St., Durham.]

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