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The Democratic Party is hoping to rally its troops with a National Democratic Party Unity Meetup on March 24. The party hopes to bring together 50,000 people nationwide to meet local party activists, socialize and get involved. To find the closest Meetup spot to you in the Triangle, and to sign up, go to www.democrat.meetup.com/368


  • John Edwards, Tuesday, March 23, www.edwards2004.meetup.com
  • National Democratic Party Meetup Day, Wednesday, March 24, www.democrat.meetup.com/368
  • John Kerry, Thursday, March 25, www.kerry2004.meetup.com
  • Republican Party, Thursday, March 25, www.republican.meetup.com/368
  • Dennis Kucinich, Thursday, April 1, www.kucinich2004.meetup.com
  • Erskine Bowles, Thursday, April 1, www.ebbowlesforsenate.meetup.com/368
  • Wesley Clark, Monday, April 5, www.clark2004.meetup.com
  • Howard Dean, Wednesday, April 7, www.dean2004.meetup.com
  • Bush in 2004, Tuesday, April 12, www.bush2004.meetup.com/368
  • Common Cause, Wednesday, April 14, www.commoncause.meetup.com/368

    All meetings at 7 p.m.; locations are sent after signing up for each candidate's meetup.

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