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Warrior Sound; Invasion



New ears

Sometimes recording yourself in the kitchen and running it through ProTools just isn't enough. For those who reach that conclusion, Warrior Sound, a brand new recording studio in Chapel Hill, opened its doors last month. Studio operators Al Jacob and Mitchell Marlow have constructed a well-designed sound room equipped with plenty of digital production equipment, and they already have a few recordings under their belt. The two have captured the ka-chunk sounds of bands like Idea of Beauty, He is Legend, Will Goodyear, Advent, New Republic, The New Me and recently, En Garde, the new project from members of The Scaries and Sorry About Dresden. They'll also be getting down tracks from Colossus and Classic Case. Warrior Sound has found a niche with punk-infused guitar-based outfits, but their setup provides plenty of options for diversification.

With recording studios going the way of the dodo thanks to the limitless digital choices available to musicians these days, starting a new operation sounds risky. But as Nick Peterson and John Byrd proved with Track and Field Recording--the studio housed in the upstairs of the former Go! Studios building (which now shares space with Reservoir)--a pocket-full of bands that want your service and word-of-mouth recommendations are as good as gold. It's DIY extended into a community network.

From their MySpace site (www.myspace.com/warriorsound), Jacob and Marlow claim their aim is simple: "What we do is ... make you sound gooder."

New "voices"

Judging from the spate of local bands continuing to appear, this area breathes with life as deeply as ever. Invasion is a nascent band, just formed in March, that trespasses into more recently familiar territory for Triangle musicians--the drone-wash of guitar-only noise-play. Joe Mazzatelli, 18, just graduated from Chapel Hill High last year and formed the band with Eugene, Ore. transplant Riley Miller.

"The two of us had been playing together for about three months before the idea of forming a band ever even came up," says Mazzatelli. He's had some brief runs with previous bands, and Miller has a solo record coming out soon. Invasion's recording their own EP, tentatively titled Take it from Robotron, a sampling of their gauzy effects-laden din. A full-length will follow.

A grouping of musical neighbors has offered an invitation into the scene of things. They've formed friendships with bands like Eyes to Space, Alvarez Painting, Deep Sea Diving, En Garde and Vibrant Green. Now they're looking into adding a drummer--natural growth for a budding local band.

Mazzatelli's plain-spoken on their simple goals thus far, fresh-faced noisemakers jumping in effects pedals first. "What we enjoy most is playing shows, usually at ridiculous volumes," says Mazzatelli, who adds that Invasion often stacks five amps onstage during the two-piece performances. "For now, we're happy keeping things in Chapel Hill and playing shows at local places. We just want people to be able to enjoy the music we make." Invasion opens for Blood on the Wall at Local 506 on Tuesday, May 16, and hope to have their EP in hand.

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