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Wake County voting guide


Three county commissioners' seats are up for grabs in Wake County this fall, as well as a full slate of statewide and federal contests. For more information or to find your polling place, call the Wake County Board of Elections at 856-6240 or visit www.wakegov.com/elections.

Early voting ends Saturday, Nov. 1; Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4. During early voting, you can register to vote and cast your ballot on the same day.

The Independent does not endorse in unopposed races; here are our recommendations for the contested elections. Please note that not all of these names appear on every Wake voter's ballot; some congressional districts, for example, only include limited areas of the county.


U.S. President: Barack Obama (D)

U.S. Senate: Kay Hagan (D)

U.S. Congress District 2: Bob Etheridge (D)

U.S. Congress District 4: David Price (D)

U.S. Congress District 13: Brad Miller (D)

Governor: Bev Perdue (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Walter H. Dalton (D)

Attorney General: Roy Cooper (D)

Auditor: Beth A. Wood (D)

Commissioner of Agriculture: Ronnie Ansley (D)

Commissioner of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin (D)

Commissioner of Labor: Mary Fant Donnan (D)

Secretary of State: Elaine F. Marshall (D)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: June St. Clair Atkinson (D)

Treasurer: Janet Cowell (D)

State Senate District 14: Vernon Malone (D)

State Senate District 15: Chris Mintz (D)

State Senate District 16: Josh Stein (D)

State Senate District 17: Richard Stevens (R)

State House District 33: Dan Blue (D)

State House District 34: Grier Martin (D)

State House District 35: Jennifer Weiss (D)

State House District 36: Al Swanstrom (D)

State House District 37: Ed Ridpath (D)

State House District 38: Deborah K. Ross (D)

State House District 39: Linda Coleman (D)

State House District 40: Stan Morse (D)

State House District 41: Ty Harrell (D)

County Commissioner District 4: Stan Norwalk (D)

County Commissioner District 5: Harold Webb (D)

County Commissioner District 6: Betty Lou Ward (D)

N.C. Supreme Court: Suzanne Reynolds (nonpartisan)

N.C. Court of Appeals: James A. (Jim) Wynn, Kristin Ruth, Cheri Beasley, Linda Stephens, John S. Arrowood (nonpartisan)

District Court Judge District 10: Jacqueline L. Brewer, Anna Elena Worley, Christine Walczyk (nonpartisan)

Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor: Fred W. Burt (nonpartisan)

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