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Voxtrot at Local 506


I'm new at the Independent, so you'll have to just trust me when I say that after seven years of music crit, I'm naturally a little jaded. But occasionally a band comes along that burns off the fog like early morning sunlight. Austin's Voxtrot is one of those bands, and their show at the Local 506 was proof positive that "twee" and "rawk" aren't mutually exclusive. Fact: I haven't seen the 506 dance like this since Out Hud played last year. This doesn't exclude the band--from the first note, Ramesh Srivastava was transformed from a Parliament-smoking ingénue in a Member's Only jacket into a human piston. The legs of keyboardist Jared Van Fleet danced even when he sat down, and waifish guitarist Mitch Calvert was a sinuous perpetual motion machine. "You are so young," Srivastava sang, "so feel alive," and the joyous potential writ large in Voxtrot's music was actualized in the audience's ecstatic response. "Can we get a little bit more of everything?" Srivastava asked, and it took me a second to realize he was just talking about the monitors.

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