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Vote Early, Vote Often


Last week we wrote about how the Republicans' new maps accomplish an old goal: to ensure that, no matter the will of the voters, North Carolina sends three times as many Republicans as Democrats to Washington ["Pick Your Own Voters: A Legislative Adventure!" Feb. 24]. On our Facebook page, Ronald Tucceri says Democrats need to wake up: "This is why Democrats have to vote, and not just in presidential elections. The seeds for this were sown in 2010! I don't care which party has the upper hand in gerrymandering; it hurts all of us."

Responding to Bob Geary's column two weeks ago calling for single-payer health care ["Bowing to Blue Cross," Feb. 17],'s most prolific conservative commenter—says the issue boils down to this: "Who can better decide and act on your health care: a large, one-size-fits-all system mandated and promised for all, or the individual acting freely among other individuals acting freely? Which do you trust and why? The government or the people? ... Indeed, more bureaucracy strips us of our very humanity in every observable way."

Speaking of Geary, we got lots of responses to his final Citizen column last week ["Parting Shots," Feb. 24]. A representative sample: "Bob, we have agreed more often than not," writes Martha Brock. "At least you listened to those of us who are the political gadflies considered pests by the powers that be in the Triangle and North Carolina." "You've been great," adds Jo Ferguson Garrison. "In fact, I think you are the best the INDY has. Who is going to teach those folks how to slightly tame their venom and spit?" And on Facebook, Chris Brodie writes, "Hats off to Mr. Geary. I hope he gets to enjoy a little more time to himself, but I'll miss his regular insights. The necessity of advocating for the dignity and rights of common people isn't likely to end anytime soon, but we're better off as a community because of the work of Bob and others willing to speak up for the little guy."

We completely concur, Chris.

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