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U.S. Congress, Sixth District: We Endorse Mark Walker in the Republican Primary



U.S. Congress, Sixth District (Republican)

Mark Walker

Neither candidate in this Republican primary returned the INDY's questionnaire, but here's everything we know about them.

Incumbent Mark Walker is a Baptist minister from Greensboro running for his second term. According to the Asheboro Courier-Tribune (which also wasn't able to speak with Walker or his opponent), Walker is one of the more ineffective members of Congress. Of the twelve bills he sponsored during his first term, none of them made it out of the House; of 123 measures he cosponsored, just two became law.

Mark Walker
  • Mark Walker

Walker sits on three congressional committees, including Homeland Security. He's made some dumb remarks about lasering and blitzing "foreigners sneaking in with drug cartels" and said he would stand up to Obama if the president declared Sharia or martial law—which, um, no. (He later walked back those comments in the Greensboro News & Record, stating that he's not a career politician and his comments were taken out of context.) And of course Walker supports HB 2.

So Walker sucks. Unfortunately, Walker's challenger, Chris Hardin, would not be an appreciable improvement. Besides lacking any experience in public office, the cop-turned-pharmaceutical representative "is a constitutional conservative" who "believes in a republic, not a democracy." He wants to immediately repeal Obamacare, as well as to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education. Hardin calls for an "immediate return to deportations" of immigrants in the United States illegally—a return from what, one might reasonably wonder—and is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and opponent of abortion rights.

Walker may be ineffectual, and both candidates are ill informed. But Hardin is downright scary. Stick with the devil you know.


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