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What is it with men and quilt shows? I practically had to drag my husband to the Durham-Orange Quilters' Guild recent show, "A Stitch in Time." Once inside, however, even he had to admit that the designs and craftsmanship of the quilts were not only beautiful but imaginative, and sometimes ingenious.

Everyone who attended the show received, with their ticket of admittance, a plastic glove to wear to protect the quilts from excessive handling. Small groups of stitchers clustered in front of particularly complex designs and discussed in detail the finer points of their construction.

Everyone who came to the show was allowed a vote for the quilt they liked best. The day after the show, I called to find out which quilts won these coveted "Viewers Choice" awards. First place went to "Sunlight on the Forest Floor," by Katherine Nelson; second place to "Grandmother's Boston Commons" by Shirley Borstelmann; and third to "Crocodile Quilt" by Deborah Hauser, a quilt shaped like--what else?--a crocodile.

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