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Opening numbers



Personal PR

The goal of UNC Health Care's $29,500-a-month (plus expenses) contract with Raleigh-based public relations firm Capstrat Inc. signed in February 2005 was to create "a national campaign to elevate the standing and reputation of UNC Health Care." The first item in its "Scope of Services" says:

"Capstrat will recommend and assist in implementing a national program to capitalize on the reputation of UNC Health Care CEO Bill Roper. The plan will include, but not necessarily be limited to, a proposed strategy document, timeline, draft news releases, op-ed columns, speeches, public appearances, media relations, congressional testimony and other activities."

Download the entire contract between UNC Health Care and Capstrat Inc. (PDF, 2 MB).

Healthy bonuses

UNC Health Care gave out 197 bonuses totaling $2,531,256 in 2006, including 38 that were more than $10,000. Download the complete list of UNC Health Care administrative bonuses (PDF, 148 KB).

Name Bonus Agency
William L. Roper $110,010
Gary L. Park $103,632
Marschall Runge $101,246 UNC
Bob Golden $79,584 UNC
Todd L. Peterson $71,344
Charles Ayscue $68,292
John P. Kichak $57,922
Keith Gran $57,750 UNC
Brian Goldstein $54,450 UNC
Ernest Schoenfeld $53,385 UNC/Rex
Mary C. Tonges $52,010
Allan Daugird $51,975 UNC
John P. Lewis $51,924
Benjamin I. Gilbert $48,694
Dianne M. Stimson $47,837
Mary A. Beck $42,949
Sharon C. James $42,735
Marlene Rifkin $39,386
Melvin S. Hurston $35,805
Susan S. Phillips $35,112
Kathleen C. Guyette $34,188
Karen A. McCall $33,097
Katharine M. Dyda $32,340 P&A
Patricia Moore-Boyette $32,340
John B. Hart $24,195
Sabert S. Trott $24,140 P&A
Norman N. Klase $21,468
Dana E. Kile $16,517 P&A
James C. McAlliser III $14,632
Edith H. Holloman $10,987
Michael A. Degennaro $10,747
Catherine Madigan $10,555
Charles Mauro $10,459
Raj Gopalan $10,353
Roberta A. Marks $10,105
Tammie T. Stanton $10,075
Carolyn Viall $10,057
Benjamin R. Daniels $10,025

UNC PAC money for legislators

Citizens for Higher Education, the PAC formed by UNC supporters, made 91 campaign contributions of $1,000 or more to state legislators in the two years preceding the 2006 election cycle. Download the complete list of contributors to UNC's PAC (PDF, 92 KB).

PAC Recipient Amount
Rep. Danny McComas $8,000
Sen. John Kerr $8,000
Rep. Julia C. Howard $8,000
Sen. A.B. Swindell $8,000
Rep. Wilma Sherrill $8,000
Sen. David Hoyle $6,000
Sen. Fletcher Hartsell $6,000
Rep. James W. Crawford, Jr. $6,000
Sen. Kay R. Hagan $6,000
Rep. Margaret Dickson $6,000
Rep. Martha Alexander $6,000
Rep. Thomas E. Wright $6,000
Rep. Joe Kiser $5,000
Rep. John Sauls $5,000
Rep. Berverly Earle $4,000
Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue $4,000
Rep. Bill Culpepper $4,000
Sen. Clark Jenkins $4,000
Sen. Walter Dalton $4,000
Rep. Bill Daughtridge $4,000
Rep. Debbie Clary $4,000
Rep. Deborah Ross $4,000
Rep. Douglas Y. Yongue $4,000
Sen. Robert Garwood $4,000
Rep. Joe Hackney $4,000
Rep. Harold J. Brubaker $4,000
Rep. Jeff Barnhart $4,000
Rep. Jennifer Weiss $4,000
Rep. Jim Black $4,000
Rep. Joe P. Tolson $4,000
Sen. Linda Garrou $4,000
Sen. Marc Basnight $4,000
Governor Mike Easley $4,000
Rep. Bill Owens $4,000
Rep. Phil Haire $4,000
Sen. Philip E. Berger $4,000
Rep. Richard Morgan $4,000
Sen. Richard Stevens $4,000
Rep. Robert Grady $4,000
Sen. Scott Thomas $4,000
Rep. Stephen Laroque $4,000
Sen. Tony Rand $4,000
Rep. Verla Insko $4,000
Sen. Walter H. Dalton $4,000
Rep. Alice G. Underhill $2,000
Sen. Tom Apodaca $2,000
Rep. Beckey Carney $2,000
Sen. Bob Atwater $2,000
Rep. Bonner Stller $2,000
Sen. Janet Cowell $2,000
Sen. Charlie Dannelly $2,000
Sen. David F. Weinstein $2,000
Rep. Edd Nye $2,000
Sen. Fred Smith $2,000
Rep. Grier Martin $2,000
Sen. Harry Brown $2,000
Sen. Jim Forrester $2,000
Sen. Julia Boseman $2,000
Sen. Keith Presnell $2,000
Sen. Jeanne Lucas $2,000
Rep. Lucy T. Allen $2,000
Rep. Marian McLawhorn $2,000
Rep. Mark Hlton $2,000
Rep. Mitch Gillespie $2,000
Rep. Mitchell Setzer $2,000
Sen. Neal Hunt $2,000
Rep. Nelson Cole $2,000
Rep. Pryor Gibson $2,000
Sen. Bill Purcell $2,000
Rep. Rick Glazier $2,000
Sen. R.C. Soles, Jr. $2,000
Rep. Rick Eddins $2,000
Rep. Ronnie Sutton $2,000
Sen. Vernon Malone $2,000
Rep. William Wainwright $2,000
Sen. Charlie Albertson $1,000
Rep. Alice L. Bordsen $1,000
Rep. Bruce Goforth $1,000
Sen. Dan Clodfelter $1,000
Rep. Dewey L. Hill $1,000
Sen. Eddie Goodall $1,000
Rep. Melanie Goodwin $1,000
Sen. Jerry W. Tillman $1,000
Sen. Katie Dorsett $1,000
Sen. Ellie Kinnaird $1,000
Sen. Malcolm Graham $1,000
Sen. Martin Nesbitt $1,000
Sen. Robert L. Holloman $1,000
Sen. John Snow $1,000
Rep. Russell Tucker $1,000
Rep. Winkie Wilkins $1,000

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