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Two sides to Duke story


What bothers me the most about this whole Duke lacrosse case is that even before this case has gone to trial, people are being prosecuted in the papers and the media. To me, it was also shocking to see the protesters in front of the house the first couple of nights--automatically assuming these three young men were guilty.

I wonder if Courtney Barbour (Back Talk, June 21) and all the rest of the feminists will still voice their strong support of the "victim" if it turns out that all these charges were fabricated lies? It's really sad that cases like this happen, but it's purely pathetic when a case comes to light, and as the days go on, more facts come out about the case and the original story may not have actually happened. There are two sides to every story--it would be nice to hear both of them before one passes judgment.

S. W. Mitchell

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