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Two bands playing Lost Weekend set the record straight ... or crooked

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We talked to two of the bands playing this week's damned-if-it-ain't-debauched Blackbeard's Lost Weekend at The Cave. We picked their thoughts on their style and their stories. See it all go down Friday and Saturday, Oct. 17 and 18.

BEGAN: "I was playing drums with a couple guys in Mexico, then I bought a guitar down there and started doing the one-man band thing. It was just a lot easier to deal with," says Johnson.

OUTPUT: "Towards the beginning of the year, I'll have enough for a full album. I'm going to do 100 records on vinyl, and as soon as they're gone I'm going to do another 100 of different songs. I've got tons of songs I've been playing," says Johnson.

SOUNDS LIKE: Jonathan Richman in a Mississippi tar paper shack, huffing The Sonics and pretending he's Hasil Adkins

SEE 'EM: Saturday, Oct. 18 @ The Cave: Blackbeard's Lost Weekend, Night Two: With The Holy Ghosts, The Loners, The Barberries, DJ Lord Redbyrd, DJ Matt Spacelab

MEMORABLE LOST WEEKEND: "Me and Jimmy [of Jimmy & the Teasers] were DJing. It was raining and my shoes were wet because I threw them at some girl who was bitching about something. We had Cheetos bags we were wearing as socks. We went to this girl's house, and we were partying. I was dancing on the roof, fell off, and broke my tailbone," says Johnson.

MOST MEMORABLE LIVE PERFORMANCE "The drummer of the Cincinnati Suds [Deep Sean] was celebrating his 50th birthday, running around in a tuxedo top and diapers. And he kept pissing himself all night saying, 'I'm 50, it's my birthday, and I can do whatever I want.' And he'd just had a heart attack two weeks before. He was in rare form. They're great. All their songs are about having sex with underage women. It's dirty bar men music," says Johnson.

THAT'S ROCK 'N' ROLL: "The Spinns through their time together. We lived it, breathed it, that's all we did. We didn't pay rent. We were homeless. We lived in a van, played music all night, doing every drug known to man. Had guns pulled on us buying crack from kids. We did it all, lived through it and are all still good friends. I can't believe it, all the shit we did. I can't believe we're still alive. Nearly drowning after jumping in the Mississippi and trying to swim to Kentucky butt naked," says Johnson.


Tune talk with Pinche Gringo

"I Got a Right," Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Scott Morgan (the Rationals) (Stooges cover)

"I love that song. An old band of mine covered that. The Stooges are probably one of my favorite bands in the world. I really love their early stuff, and I have a collection of a lot of old unreleased stuff and demos. They were pretty over the top I love them. They were a simple band, and it's hard to write simple songs."

"What Love Is," Dead Boys

"I really like that other song of theirs, 'Caught with the Meat in Your Mouth.' They're a great band a lot of people don't give them enough credit. I grew up listening to a lot of that when I was younger, and I still throw that record on every once in a while. It's dirty and sleazy."

"Psychotic Reaction," The Count Five

"I remember the first day I bought that record, at a store in Greensboro, Collectibles... I took it home and it blew me away. It was like when I first started getting into garage, like the Mummies, and all that stuff, in 11th grade... It's got lots of reverb and tons of treble. I couldn't believe someone put out a record where every song sounds like this."

Tune talk with Thee Crucials

"I Got a Right," Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Scott Morgan (the Rationals) (Stooges cover)

"I can totally here that Stooges sound. It's such a blast. It's angry and over-the-top, and has that classic Ron Asheton vibe to it. I'm not as big a Stooges fan as some are. It's just overkill at some point. It's great, but I tend to go for the earlier R&B stuff than a lot of the proto-punk stuff."

"What Love Is," Dead Boys

"That's bad ass. I've read their names a millions times, but I've never heard them before. It's probably heresy, but that's pretty cool. I like the no-nonsense of the lyric and the balls-out screaming. I was wondering if it was a Dolls outtake because it has that Johnny Thunders kind of lead to it, that heroin/ Chuck Berry kind of thing."

"Psychotic Reaction," The Count Five

"The Count Five out-Yardbirding the Yardbirds. It's a great song. I remember scamming that song off of a collector in downtown Macon for five bucks. I love that song. Before now, we'd never had a drummer who could handle [the psychedelic mid-song break], so one day we might be able to cover that song. With lots of practice."


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