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The Pour House--I confess to being entirely unimpressed the first time I saw Bombadil play: The Durham-Chapel Hill quartet was opening for The Avett Brothers, a trio that seemed to have somewhat inspired its high-energy, affable onstage antics. But, where The Avetts direct their zaniness toward making the songs seem larger than life, Bombadil's bounce seemed misdirected, turning the songs into sloppy, barely audible genuflections. Now, though, Bombadil is a labelmate of The Avetts on Concord-based Ramseur Records, and their forthcoming debut couldn't be more convincing, a well-read, human condition-sympathizing Band playing house music for the circus. I'm content to mark my earlier experience up to stage fright, and see if these guys can match their on-record eloquence and exuberance on The Pour House stage. --Grayson Currin

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