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March 7



N.C. Museum of History--Each fall and spring, members of North Carolina's eight Native American tribes participate in traditional powwows--grand and colorful rituals of song and dance. An exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History celebrates the significance of these ceremonies with silkscreen posters, artifacts and photographs. Admission is free.

The Teeth, National Eye

Bickett Gallery--The biggest show at Bickett Gallery in recent memory brings a couple of young bands that could be headlining the Cradle in a few years. Philly kids National Eye create an outsized sonic presence comprised of shimmering distortion and artfully assembled arrangements that often recall the godheads of art-damaged folk-rock, The Flaming Lips. Like the Lips, National Eye's adventurousness carries them through a variety of styles from lingering acid-folk to lush quilts of swooning rock a la Built to Spill. Openers The Teeth play old-school hardcore with a skronk flair that's the closest thing I've heard to the Minutemen in years, right down to the cockeyed lyrical perspective. The 10 p.m. show costs $5. --Chris Parker

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