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Tuesday, May 9




Lincoln Theatre--Earlier this year, Mogwai released their fifth studio album--the comfy, manageable Mr. Beast. A frustrating misnomer if I've ever heard one, the record comes with beastliness hidden away in small passages and short passes, folds of songs and semi-climaxes. Of course, the Glasgow post-rock pioneers are still Mogwai: There's a crushing power to even their most elegiac and simple songs. But Mr. Beast is a reduction of the band's sound, disguised in "back to basics" rags. Slighter and unadorned, this Mogwai has the tendency to get lost in the picturesque (hardly austere or tough) soundscapes they create. Even so, the Mog is the loudest live band in indie rock, and usually a monstrous blast, so bring some ear plugs and give the Beast a chance. Sound roars at 9:15 p.m. for $15. --Robbie Mackey

NOTE: This show has been cancelled.

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