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Amy Fusselman
  • Amy Fusselman

Amy Fusselman
Regulator Bookshop—Six years after her first book tour for Pharmacist's Mate in 2001, writer and former recreational figure skater Amy Fusselman is on tour once again with her second book, 8: All True: Unbelievable. Fusselman returns to a similar, choppy yet smoothly cyclical style in order to evaluate a traumatic incident of abuse as a child, motherhood and robotics and the fine art of motorcycle riding. Avoiding a more expected and teary approach to a past that looks like "female adults crying," the piece does not beg our sympathy by maintaining a blunt and matter-of-fact tone throughout. Instead, she entertains us by narrating her mishaps in celebrity sighting etiquette, experimentation with alternative healing, bizarre encounters with New York cab drivers and commentary on her editor, who deems Fusselman's life, at times, to be "unbelievable." Balanced among these comic accounts are contemplative discussions of time and touch. Blending humor with philosophy and past with present using a casual, first-person voice, the writer creates an intriguing piece that feels part fiction, part autobiographical, and part diary entry. In any case, it is fully worthwhile. The reading and signing begins at 7 p.m. For more info, visit www.regbooks.com. —Sarah Lupton

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