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Tuesday, March 6

Rob Crow
  • Rob Crow

Blend—Calling Rob Crow "prolific" would be a serious understatement. He has been a driving force behind more than 50 releases in the past 15 years with bands like Pinback, Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Goblin Cock, Physics, Optiganally Yours and more than two handfuls of one-offs and solo outings. His twisted indie rock jingles have burrowed in the heads of college radio listeners and The O.C. viewers alike, and, if he doesn't slow down soon, he may just keel over from pop-exhaustion. Catch him while he's still kicking. Mouth of the Architect opens at 9 p.m. —Rich Ivey

Quail Ridge Books—NASA resource analyst Richard Cook knew of the Challenger's potential for catastrophe before it happened, but no one listened to him. After the tragedy of the spacecraft's explosion, Cook realized that NASA and the Reagan administration were going to cover up the mistake. So NASA analyst turned into NASA whistleblower, and The New York Times heard Cook's call. He will be at Quail Ridge Books at 7 p.m. to discuss his new book on the Challenger. For more info, visit quailridgebooks.booksense.com. —Megan Stein

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