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Tuesday, June 27




THE POUR HOUSE--Robbie Fulks' Georgia Hard was one of 2005's top records, a tribute to the sounds of '70s country (from newgrass to countrypolitan) populated by well-drawn characters, most of whom were engaged in either confession or righteous confrontation. But Georgia Hard wasn't even Fulks' best effort last year; that honor goes to a song titled "Fountains of Wayne Hotline," a hoot of a song/skit that imagines a songcraft help line for would-be poppers. See the band at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10-$12. --Rick Cornell


KULTURE--Remember Tom Delay? The Hammer to his fans, Hot Tub Tom to his enemies, he's retired from Congress out of respect for the shame he has brought upon his district. No, really, he wanted to cut down the commute from Texas to Washington, and live near the D.C. trough full time. But if you've already forgotten him, there's a movie that will refresh your memory. The Big Buy is playing at free local house parties. See it at Kulture or find a screening near you at bigbuy.bravenewtheaters.com/screenings. --David Fellerath



FOREST THEATER--Paperhand Puppet Intervention hosts this one-night stand by the Pittsburgh-based company Indicator Species, a group focusing on prison issues, violence in society and the justice system. This show combines music from real-life chain gangs, shadow puppets and live performers to examine three true stories about crime and punishment. Pay what you will at 7 p.m. --Byron Woods

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