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Tuesday, July 31

Icons and Angels
  • Icons and Angels

THROUGH THIS LENS GALLERY—Communicating the movement and musicality that make dance dance is nearly impossible to capture in still photographs—until you see Stephen Aubuchon and the late Barbara Morgan's Icons and Angels: Classic and Contemporary Dance Photography. You'll feel like one of the dancers, a testament to Aubuchon's physical commitment to the shot. The exhibition also includes Morgan's tribute to modern dance's poster-child, Martha Graham, including her iconic The Kick. It closes today, so visit www.throughthislens.com for more info and gallery hours. —Karlie Justus

ALLTEL PAVILION—Born respectively in 1966 and 1977, Ben Folds and John Mayer are two pop songwriters who stare at one another from across the intersection of a Venn diagram: Music school drop-outs with strong Southern ties, both are aces of their hooks, their instrument of choice and their own canny charms. But Mayer dates bombshells, and Folds is happily married; Mayer is an amateur stand-up comic, but Folds is just funny; Mayer has a rootsy side project, though Folds gets twisted with Fear of Pop and his William Shatner production duties; Mayer—LPs, Folds—EP. Mayer is everything his record label wants him to be. Folds: not so much. Pick your pop star at 7 p.m. for $29.50-$50. —Grayson Currin

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