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Tuesday, July 11




BULL CITY RECORDS--Hitch these bands together and the room groans from being pulled in different directions. Mass Movement goes politico with left-field neu-punk, while Catalyst simply goes for super-fuzz screaming dirty rock. Des Ark continues to occupy an autonomous place, where the intensity level of the music bubbles over but can gurgle just below the surface, magma-like. The gauntlet is thrown at 9 p.m. for this pass-the-hat affair. --Chris Toenes


DUKE UNIVERSITY--Though choreographer Larry Keigwin scores most when his dancers embody various jibes about gender, he spent too much time retelling old jokes without adding much new to them at the 2004 ADF. Either his new material (a dubious tribute to A Chorus Line with amateur and professional dancers, and a series of duets called Love Songs to music by Aretha, Neil Diamond and Nina Simone) will have us praising his refreshed wit--or dubbing him the Milton Berle of postmodern dance. The show goes on in Reynolds Industries Theater. --Byron Woods



RIALTO--Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of competitive crossword puzzling, and the mostly ordinary but otherwise brilliant people who are the stars of the sport. Among the celebrity enthusiasts are Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart and the Indigo Girls. And, of course, NPR and New York Times puzzlemaster Will Shortz in the middle of it all. Playing in local art houses. --David Fellerath

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