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Tuesday, January 1

Bowls of Football
  • Bowls of Football

A COUCH NEAR YOU—The new year is a time of reflection, a time to assess our priorities and to remember what it is we value most as a nation. Traditionally on this day, America turns its attention to our young men in uniform, fighting for little pay but great honor, guided into action by the country's highest-paid public servants. I'm talking, of course, about college football. After a wild year of upsets and Top 10 reshufflings, and with the minor postseason games out of the way (do we really need a Meineke Car Care Bowl? Or a Roady's Humanitarian Bowl—in Boise?), the real bowl season kicks off today. USC's midseason loss to Stanford and Ohio State's back-door entry into the title game have taken some of the bloom off the Rose, but other bowls entice with absurdly cranked-up offenses (Hawaii and Texas Tech), Heisman quarterback Tim Tebow of Florida, and all-everything runner-up Darren McFadden of Arkansas. Committed couch potatoes can start the election year with 12 hours of pure gladiatorial distraction. —Marc Maximov

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