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Tuesday, December 11

  • Rasputina

CAT'S CRADLE—While originally driven by the undeniably gimmicky concept of three corset-clad cello chicks, this band's penchant for melodrama and dynamic tension has broadened and deepened over time. Opening for Nirvana and collaborating with Marilyn Manson and Chris Vrenna, the band's first two albums trade on eerie gothic crunch that defies our expectations for its source. They begin to break out of this narrow stylistic straitjacket with 2002's Cabin Fever and truly find their voices with 2004's Frustration Plantation, as they purvey a Weimar-tinged gothic that's ramshackle, idiosyncratic and evocatively claustrophobic. This summer's Oh Perilous World is wildly ambitious, forging a shadowy, surrealistic, album-long war allegory. Imagine Camper Van Beethoven's New Roman Times and Pink Floyd's The Final Cut as performed by a steroid-addled Dresden Dolls. Pay $13-$15 at 9 p.m., with Mathematicians. —Chris Parker


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