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Tuesday, August 1




KINGS--Those who have been fortunate enough to partake of Austin's movie culture know that Quentin Tarantino loves to show off his movie collection to a crowd of rowdy beer drinkers at a certain bar suited to that purpose. Sadly, Kings won't have QT on hand tonight, but they'll be showing his movies. Hopefully, we're looking at Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, not Four Rooms. Do not recite the lines ahead of time or too loudly. Do dress like your favorite character. And do get in free. --David Fellerath

Reservoir Dogs
  • Reservoir Dogs



THE RESERVOIR--Caltrop and Blag'ard, two Chapel Hill bands embodying the same "louder equals better" aggressive ethos, work from distinctly different approaches. A caltrop is a multi-spiked weapon used to slow down the approaching enemy. That's the quintet's thing, reducing metal's grind to a crawl then wallowing there. Joe Taylor (formerly of Capsize 7) digs into his vibe as a tight duo with Blag'ard. Surreal culture shocker: Tel Aviv noise rockers Monotonix are touring the United States as their homeland is engulfed in a maelstrom of noise all its own. The show starts at 10 p.m. --Chris Toenes

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