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Tuesday, April 17

Art of Sampling
  • Art of Sampling

NASHER MUSEUM—It's time to head to Duke's Nasher Museum for more lessons on the postmodernism of urban popular culture, otherwise known as hip hop and sampling. Duke African-American literature professor Mark Anthony Neal, NCCU hip-hop pedagogue Kawachi Clemons and local DJ/producer Ninth Wonder lead a discussion and demonstration of sampling, both visual and musical. This free event begins at 7 p.m. For more info, visit www.nasher.duke.edu/events.php#feb15-2. —David Fellerath

DUKE CAMPUS—For a severe modernist, T.S. Eliot got around. We all learned about the women speaking of Michelangelo, and there was a little play on Broadway called Cats that had something to do with his writing. Even in the swingin' '60s, Eliot was seen on Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" having a smackdown with Ezra Pound. Tonight, however, Eliot can be found back in his natural habitat, the cathedral of high culture, here called Duke Chapel. Dr. George Gopen, a renowned expert on The Four Quartets (published together in 1943), will read the poems with live musical accompaniment. Remember this: "If all time is eternally present/ All time is unredeemable." The event, which begins at 7 p.m., is free, but e-mail sksofficers@gmail.com for reservations. —David Fellerath

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