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Strength, Spirit and Dignity: Portraits of Hayti
Hayti Heritage Center—On a recent trip to Haiti, 10 medical volunteers visited five clinics in five days, treating 1,035 children. Photographer and sociologist Thomas Plaut captured these communities and clinics in an exhibit entitled Strength, Spirit and Dignity: Portraits of Haiti, currently on display in the Lyda Moore Merrick Gallery at Hayti. Plaut says the title comes from the "strength and dignity in hard-working people living in an impoverished and environmentally devastated region. African-Americans know all too well the experience of being stereotyped. In Haiti, the difference between myth and reality is equally, if not more, extreme. This exhibit seeks to portray the people as we encountered them in their everyday lives." The exhibit continues through Sept. 30; visit www.hayti.org for details. —Jessica Fuller

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